5 Upgrades That Go Well With Re-Roofing

roofingEven though re-roofing isn’t always a glamorous home project, it’s certainly a crucial one. In case you’re planning to get a new roof, you have to think of these five upgrades that will make your roof look more beautiful while improving its functionality and boost its lifespan.

Five Roofing Upgrades To Consider

Airtight Chimney Cap Installation

Compared to masonry as well as metal chimney caps that are made to prevent rain, birds, as well as other critters from going into the chimney, airtight caps can also help save energy. If your fireplace isn’t being used, warm air from inside your house will go out through the chimney during cooler days. The damper in the firebox will not do anything in terms of preventing it since it is not airtight. Ask your roofing contractor about the installation of an airtight chimney cap while the roof is being replaced.

Eave Flashing Installation

If you know how much damage an ice dam can cause, you understand how important it is to invest a little extra when you are re-roofing by installing eave flashing. These are bituminous membranes can be applied before shingling to a depth of as much as 2 feet inside the exterior wall plane. They will form a water tight seal over the eaves, which are the parts of the roof where ice dams tend to form.

Roof Ventilation Improvement

Attics are like furnaces during the summer season especially if they are not well maintained. That heat that accumulates will radiate to the rooms directly below the attic, thus making them an uncomfortable place to be in. To keep the attic cooler, your roofing contractor must install ridge vents across the roof top. Ridge vents are barely noticeable from the street and they encourage air movement under the ridge cap shingles. For efficient ventilation, soffit vents that are under the eaves will draw cooler air into the attic while expelling hot hair. You may also need gable vents to ensure sufficient air flow.

Energy Efficient Shingles

If you want to have a cooler roof before, it was recommended to choose shingles that are either white or light colored. However, this option isn’t always visually appealing to homeowners. Today you will find reflective shingles in different colors, from wood to slate tones. The granules will not only reflect the radiation from the sun but also reemit most of the absorbed heat. Depending on the climate and the construction of your home, a cool roof can help you save at least seven percent and as much as fifteen percent of your cooling costs.

Installation Of Low Maintenance Gutters

While you are installing a brand new roofing Myrtle Beach in your home, you might want to consider scrapping your old gutters and have new ones installed. Maintenance gutters that feature curved woods are maintenance free. Its unique design helps prevent clogs and staining on the gutters. It also gets rid of the need to climb a ladder to clean the gutters.

Call MB Roofing Pros if you need help in your re-roofing project and if you want to have any of these upgrades included in the project as well.

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