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Why You Should Avoid Out Of Town Roofing Contractor

roofing contractorYour roof is one of the many parts of your home that may need emergency repairs or replacement after a major storm. Although a reliable roofing contractor is the first one that you should call, a lot of homeowners fall victim to out of state storm chaser who promises fast and affordable service.

At MB Roofing Pros, we understand that whenever your roof has been damaged, roof repairs are required. But there are some important reasons why you have to hire a trustworthy local roofing company rather than making a huge mistake of choosing one who will just scam you.

Storm Chasers Like Quantity Over Quality

Even though there are many door to door sales associates who visit towns after a storm, there’s no guarantee that they will keep their promises. When these roofing contractors come into town, their main objective is to convince as many homeowners as they can. Once they’re done, they can move to the next town and do the same thing again. This could, in most cases lead to a roof replacement project that is not up to industry standards. This is not just a safety hazard and costly expense to homeowners. If something will go wrong with the roof, you’ll find it difficult to get in touch with the out of town roofer because they are already in a different place trying to convince other homeowners to hire them as well.

Significant Insurance Risk

Several out of town roofers do not have the right insurance to cover them. Some might not even have any insurance at all. That means when accident happens while roofers are on the job, it will be the homeowner, you, who will be at fault. So, before you hire any roofing contractor, you have to be sure that they are properly insured and that your project is secure on all aspects.

Phantom Down Payments

Not all out of town roofer are crooks. But this point is extremely important and homeowners need to know about it. In some cases, fraudulent roofing contractors will request a steep downpayment before they start working on the roofing project. They will say that it’s for the materials and labor. But after you hand in the money, the roofer will never come back. You’ll be financially burdened and you will still have problems with your roof.

High Prices With Insufficient Value

Out of town roofing contractors will try to convince people that their prices are more affordable than what they can expect from other roofing companies. Although it may be true that their rates are cheaper, the quality of their service won’t match those of an expert roofing contractor.

If you work with a reputable roofing contractor Myrtle Beach, you will pay for the job’s value and the promise that you will have a roof that will last for several years. Meanwhile, a storm chaser may be able to give you a temporary fix, you’ll eventually need to hire a local roofing contractor to redo the job.

If your home is hit by a storm and your roof needs to be repaired or replaced, be sure to call MB Roofing Pros right away.

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