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Five Methods of Cleaning Your Myrtle Beach Roof Safely

Myrtle Beach Roof cleaningThe roof over your head takes a whipping. Storms, wind, birds, dust, hail, squirrels, hot sunshine, leaves and pine needles and branches falling from trees – it’s difficult at the top.

At some point, you will want to clean your Myrtle Beach roof, if you want to keep it. Sure, lots of roofs have warranties, and you can purchase shingles with 30- or 50-year lifespan, however, the small print will always say “Roofing system must be correctly maintained and cleaned.” That’s where your hard work comes into play.

How To Safely Clean Your Myrtle Beach Roof

One or two times a year, you need to clean your Myrtle Beach roof — even more, if you stay in a location that deposits a great deal of sediment up there. Here are five significantly labor-intensive roof-cleaning approaches I’ve utilized throughout the years for your roof-cleaning satisfaction:

1. Hose Technique (or Lazy Technique)
Get a good long hose and a nozzle, grab your swimsuit and have some fun on a hot day. This Myrtle Beach roof cleaning method doesn’t work extremely well– in fact, it’s barely adequate– however, aa a minimum of you can state you attempted.

2. Hand and Broom
roof maintemamnceGo out the ladder, placed on some shoes that have soles with great grip, and get on up. Be safe– do not, whatever you do, take the threat of falling off your Myrtle Beach roof lightly, and do not do this work alone. Then merely pick up the major debris and carefully sweep the rest off into your neighbor’s yard. (Kidding.) Do not apply too much pressure with the broom, or it will sweep off those little pebbles embedded in your asphalt shingles, and reduce their lifespan.

3. The Annoying Leaf-Blower Approach
Do you know anyone who enjoys the music of an loud leaf blower? I sure don’t. Some homeowners associations have even prohibited the darn things. However I need to confess, they’re pretty good tools for wiping a roof into shape. Wear an excellent dust mask so you don’t inhale the stuff. Utilizing a leaf blower will be simpler on your back– not as much bending over to remove debris by hand– but harder on your eardrums and your relationships with close-by locals.

4. Roofing system Mold Removal.
Got those unsightly black stains on your shingles? It’s not really mold, rather it’s most likely dead algae, which grows on some shingles, particularly on the north side of the roof where the sun does not completely dry them out. Commercially-made roof cleaners and even a simple solution of soap and hot water or bleach can get rid of the spots. A soft scrub brush can help, but whatever you do, do never pressure-wash your roof, unless you want to install a brand-new one next week.

5. Got moss?
Green moss occurs on roofing systems with too much shade and humidity. Moss can harm shingles, growing underneath individual shingles and triggering them to leak. By using a chlorine bleach solution you can kill moss and stop it from recurring for a long time. I use 5-10 % bleach and the rest water and apply it to the mossy areas of the roofing system with a sponge. Vinegar and dish soap can work, too. If you utilize chlorine bleach, do not hose it off, or it will damage your backyard and garden and harm your plants.

Now get up there! Your Myrtle Beach roof requires your attention. Or better yet, call MB Roofing Pros for acomplete roof inspection.

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