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Professional Roofers on the Difference Between Residential and Commercial Roofs

Roofer Myrtle BeachIt is not something we think about very often, but are you aware that the actual structure of a building or house is very impacted by the kind of roof structure that it is placed on? Think about it – in a natural disaster, the damage that a roof sustains could cause enormous loss of an asset. That is why it is super critical to ensure the supplies used for your roof are sturdy, solid components that will hold up over time. Roofing is basically broken down into two categories: residential and commercial. The variations go a little deeper than that, so here we’ll explain a few of those differences to shed some light….

Residential vs. Commercial Roofs

Number of people to do the job

The first main difference is that residential roofing jobs can be undertaken with just one person, whereas it often requires a whole crew of people to do commercial jobs, for the simple reason that commercial buildings are much larger and require more people to accomplish the roofing process promptly.

Building codes

With commercial roofs, the goal of the building has to be taken into account for the particular features that will need to be added. For instance, smokestacks or ventilators would have to be installed if the building were a restaurant. On the other hand, commercial roofs usually lack things like chimneys, which are far more frequent in a residential roof.


On a residential roof, you will commonly find way more architectural design elements like peaks, roof landscapes or skylights. With commercial roofs, you will usually see flat designs in order to accommodate renovating or design change down the road.

Amount of time to install

It is also to be expected that the difference in expense between commercial and residential roofing can be essential. This is because, with commercial roofing, safety equipment is usually wanted, larger crews, special materials, and tools, etc. The work is often completed in segments and takes a lot longer to complete the job than a standard residential roof, which can usually be done in a short time frame.

Commercial roofing usually is created and installed in large segments. But it’s during this period that the building has to be checked out to make sure that there are no leakages, cracks or any other kind of deterioration. These would need to be mended before the roof is installed.

So the main point here is to make sure the precise roof is put in place for the correct goal of the building. It’s very significant to make sure you have employed the ideal company for the job to avoid pricey mistakes later. Make sure that they use top quality materials and that they have all the essential safety devices and tools for the job to be performed correctly the first time.

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