Roof leaks Myrtle Beach

How To Locate Roof Leaks

Roof Leak Is No Laughing Matter

Roof leaks Myrtle BeachWe know that getting a roof leak is one of the most inconvenient repairs to your home, but with some patience, you may be able to perform your own roof repair regardless of the type of shingles you have on your roof. It goes without saying that the first step is to actually locate the leak. This quick guide will assist you in finding the leak by checking specific areas indoors and avoiding climbing up on the roof to locate the leak.

Keep in mind that these are indications of a roof leak but they could simply be moisture or humidity problems in your home. We will show you ways to look properly so that you can distinguish between a problem caused by indoor condensation and a roof leak.

Condensation vs Roof Leak

If you notice several small stains in your ceiling as opposed to one big stain, this usually indicates a condensation problem. These smaller stains will usually be close to exterior walls and will appear even when there has been no rain. Look for a white center in the stain, this is another indication of a condensation problem. Water condensation can cause a mold problem that may not be immediately evident. You will want to contact water restoration specialists in the case of condensation.

A roof leak will cause the stain to appear anywhere on the ceiling, not just near the walls. Look for a dark center stain that gets lighter as it moves outward. This is caused by the center stain being older than the outer rim.

Look For Sagging Ceilings with Roof Leaks

The major cause of a sagging ceiling is rainwater that has accumulated on the ceiling. The water will break down your ceiling over time as it moistens the ceiling. The accumulated weight of the water pushes the ceiling down causing it to sag. Before attempting to fix the roof, you will want to completely drain the water by creating a small hole and catching the water in a basin.

Paint That Is Pealing

Wallpaper that is stripping away from the wall or peeling paint is indications of a roof leak. Peeling paint on an inner wall as opposed to an exterior wall indicates a possible roof leak.

Mold May Indicate Roof Leak

As we mentioned earlier, mold can be an indicator of a roof leak or condensation. Look around vents and chimneys as this is where the mold will appear first. This underlying cause of the mold is usually a lead in the flashing of a metal roof. It is easier to locate this type of roof leak as opposed to a leak from a shingle or tile.

Once you have determined there is a leak, you can then trace it back and get a good estimate of where the roof leak is on the outside. Having plans for your house is a big help in locating the possible leak.

If you have a tile roof or roof shingles, fixing the leak can be a straight forward process. In most instances the leak is from damaged or cracked tiles. If that is the case, you simply need to replaced the tiles. You will need to also seal the new tile with roof cement. Be sure and read our article on roof safety!

In the case of a metal roof, you will need to locate the leak and then seal it with either roof cement or caulk.
If locating and fixing a roof leak is not your “thing,” you will want to contact a roofing professional. This is the safest and best way to solve those unexpected leaks.

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