Murrells Inlet

Murrells Inlet is an unincorporated part of the Georgetown County, the area’s history predates that of Grand Strand coast mainly because it’s accessible by boat. The Waccamaw and Winya Indians resided and thrived in the area surrounding the abundant fishing waters and pirates during the 1600s and 1700s. Even the infamous Blackbeard used the tidal creeks feeding into the tiny port as a hideout/ambush.

Area Overview

This area was once known as a fishing village. Over time, it has transformed into a popular retirement and tourist location. In the past, the land surrounding the Murrells Inlet comes with a settlement record that dates back thousands of years. The Waccamaw people, who are its early inhabitants, made the most out of the area’s natural resources. It has a total area of 7.5 square miles, of which 2.21% is water and 7.4 square miles is land.

The Modern Murrells Inlet

Indigo and rice plantations came during the European settlement. The fishing industry started to thrive along with the small yet vibrant community. Nowadays, the ocean is driving the “Seafood Capital of the South Carolina” as well as its economy. It’s driven by the rise in waterfront real estate, seafood restaurants, as well as commercial and sportfishing.

Murrells Inlet continues to showcase its natural beauty and Southern charms. The centrepiece of the area is the Murrells Inlet Marshwalk, which is a famous wooden walkway that provides access to several different bars and restaurants. Former rice stations were replaced with shopping centers, marinas, and golf courses.



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