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Roof Replacement: Three Ways To Know When You Need It

Roofing Myrtle BeachRoof replacement is a fairly significant household expense for most Myrtle Beach homeowners. It is for this reason that they often put it off for as long as possible. Sadly, there are some circumstances where you must replace your roof immediately, no matter what, and whether you want to or not. There are several ways to know when you might need a roof replacement, here they are.

Three Ways To Know When You Need Roof Replacement

  1. Dips in the roof of your home.

It is easy to identify dips in the roofing system if you back far enough from your house and look carefully. Dips in the roofing system are exactly what they sound like: areas in the roofing system that are dipping or sinking below adjacent areas. They are typically indicative of either rot or water swell in the foundation of the roofing system– both signs indicate that it is time to change your home’s roof. Also, bear in mind that the entire roof of your house should be one flat surface. If not, then your roof system will hold water instead of repelling water and it will be easy for puddles of moisture to build up. This is a good indication it is time to replace your roof.

  1. Shingles are damaged

Shingles that are curling up at the edges generally suggest that a roof has reached its maximum lifespan. The cause of this curling is when shingles have lost their UV coating which causes them to curl at the edges. While you are checking for curling, pay close attention to the grain on the shingles – do they appear to be losing a lot of the grain?  If the single is starting to look bare, then that is a good indication that your old shingles need to be replaced with new ones.

  1. Leaks in your roof.

You might have the ability to extend the life of a leaky roofing system with a repair job, but if you discover that the leakages appear to be bigger, or increasing, it is likely that you will need roof replacement instead. Some leakages are easier to spot than others. A wet spot on the kitchen floor may be obvious, but you also need to be on the lookout for any discolorations on your ceiling. Any light brown spots on your ceiling are indications of a possible leak, which could be originating from a leaking roof. It is also a good idea to crawl up into your attic and check for any wet spots. These leaks will often not become apparent until you have a major problem.

There is a lot to consider when it pertains to getting your roofing system repaired or upgraded. Experienced specialists can assist you to make those essential choices.

To have your roof inspected for leaks or any roof repair tasks, call MB roofing Pros.


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